ESCO Financing

ESCO- Lighting Services Agreements (LSA)
NetZero Brokers (NBZ) is an Energy Services Company (ESCO) that achieves energy savings at a portfolio of properties by providing lighting as a service through a LSA. A LSA can streamline your lighting retrofit project while eliminating the fiscal constraints that can stop a lighting project before it materializes.

Unlike a capital investment project, a LSA requires no capital investment. NZB will make the investment to install new energy efficient lighting systems and enter into a monthly ligyting services agreement with your organiztion.

As an ESCO we guarantee energy savings from LED lighting to to commercial solar by installing wireless lighting controls and energy monitoring. You can upgrade your lighting systems, improve your quality of light and reduce youe energy consuption without the capital expense or hassle of project management.


Residential and Commercial Solar

Nevada is well on its way to being the #1 state in renewable energy when it comes to solar. We can bring the future to you by helping you make your home or business NetZero. Make your home your own power plant with no money out of pocket. Call now to get a free power bill evaluation.


Commercial LED Lighting

Nevada Energy has some of the best rebates in the country when it comes to LED lighting. Save over 70% on your lighting everymonth with no out of pocket expense. Call us now for a proposal that will brighten up your business, your bottom line and make the world a better place for the next generations to come.

We Represent You! Let’s Go Green!

At NetZero Brokers we are Renewable Energy Consultants.We work hard to stay up-to-date on state and federal legislation, the newest technology, provide the best green financial vehicles and the most efficient products in the market. We guarantee your savings for the life of the agreement.

What makes NetZero Brokers stand out from other energy savings companies is our 100% independence from contractual agreements with products and or services. The only contractual obligations that we take on is ensuring our clients guaranteed energy savings.

At Net Zero Brokers we represent more than our client. We represent the industry as a whole by lobbying the Nevada State Legislature, attending Public Utility Commission hearings and educating the public through various channels.